The (Extremely) UnOfficial

Some of the contents of this page are Copyrighted by the Walt Disney Company. While I created the images myself,I assume no ownership of the Characters and Themes that they contain. They are the property of Walt Disney and are used without permission. I am using them strictly as a display of Respect (and Worship I guess) for The Walt Disney Company and the Art that they create.

Here's a little about me... <-Thats me

First, my name is Jason Steven,I am a fifth year Film Student at Eastern Michigan University. I finished up my major last year and am currently working on my Graphic Communication Minor (That's why I'm taking so long... I just decided on a minor.) On campus, in the last 5 yeard I've been extremely busy. I have been a New Student Orientation Group Leader for 4 straight years (a campus record) and won both the LifeTime Achievement award doing so!!! I have been very involved in EMU's Greek System since I've been on Campus. In the Winter of 1993, I joined Phi Sigma Kappa (i'm Damn Proud!) I was their PR chair for 3 semesters after that. I was also PSK's Greek Week Captain in 1995 and 1996 (and 1997 too...). From October 1995 to May 1996, I was the Layout Editor for The Scribe, Eastern's Greek Newspaper. I currently do work on the paper, but on a lesser scale. Also, in January of 1996, I was one of the founding members of GAMMA (Greeks Advoting Mature Management of Alcohol) a peer education group focusing on low risk decisions involving alcohol and other issues. I am currently the Public Relations Coordinator for EMU's GAMMA chapter.

Now the fun stuff!

I spend way too much time online, and my roomates hate me for it. Here is a list of some of my favorite places...

FDC Muck - An online "Theme Park" based on the Future Disney Cabinet of Usnet's rec.arts.disney.misc where everyone and everything is Disney-like. When I'm there, I assume the identy of SlinkyDog, the plastic pooch from Disney's Computer animated film ToyStory. (Hence the Homepage)

EntertainMuck - Another virtual community where much (although not everything) is Disney Themed. I have two characters there, JudgeDoom, the evil judge from Disney's Roger Rabbit, and Mr.Hammerhead, the absent minded teacher from the Disney Afternoon show, Goof Troop.

BattleStar MUSH - A 'Multi User Shared Halucination' based on the TV show BattleStar Galactica. This is where I go when I'm not in a Disney mood, and I'm in the mood for being a hardass. I play Macro, a rookie Viper pilot stationed on the the Galactica.

A few of the things thet I love...

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